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Title: 11 Japanese lingo from TPS that can potentially land you a (fresher) job in Software Development.


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A lot has been said about Kanban and how it can be implemented in Software development, but the learning remains superficial till we go deep down to the roots of Kanban and understand how these practices evolved over a period of time.

In this highly interactive and "visual" talk, we'll take a virtual trip to Japan and learn some of the best practices/ concepts applied by Toyota for building "world-class" cars, what we all know as TPS(Toyota Production Systems).

We'll also see how each of these can be applied to software development and could help us in building better software. We'll discover how Lean Software development evolved from it, that led to Agile as we know of.

Some of the key concepts that will be covered :-

7.Poka Yoke
9.Five “Whys”
10.Takt Time

This presentation will have less of bullet points and more of images, videos that'll help you grasp each of these concepts and also know how you could apply in Agile Software development context. You'll be amazed how simple but powerful these concepts are. We'll also take a look at a few examples on how these are being already used in various companies.

Before we bid "Sayonara", you all can claim that you know at least 11 Japanese words, if not more and drop few of these during your job interview to impress any potential employer. Also, you may ask how knowing all this would help you(Engineering Grads) land a job? Well, the way industry looks at fresher recruitment where all have "almost" equal theoretically knowledge, the one who knows and can talk about some of the latest trends in S/W would stand out and will be preferred. Thus, a Software Developer < Agile Software Developer < Agile Software developer who knows Lean/ Kanban/ TPS as well. :-)


Lean Software Development, TPS, Kanban


60 mins

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This was almost a JIT entry so don't have a deck, but would be expanding on these shortly and can share the deck.


Lean Principles and Practices


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