Agile Goa 2013


Title: 9 Steps to Agile Adoption – a Proposal


Naveen Indusekhar
Senior Program Manager
McAfee, an Intel Company


While Agile adoption and practice is a complex model for organizations to implement, we see a need for some sort of framework can help to drive it? Why do you need to be Agile? Where do you start, when do you start, how do you start? These are questions that reside in most of us during early stages. Here is a 9-Step breakdown that will help companies and teams adopt multiple Agile methodologies in different situations and scenarios. Seeing it in the ‘Persona Perspective’ - framework helps the decision maker/s have a case for investment, evaluate if it works, and improve all through. The discussion and idea is just a proposal that should help a team or an organization and is need not be the only way to implement Agile in an organization. Further detailing into these steps can form an overall Mindmap structure that is open to adopting from organization and people standpoint.

9 Steps to Agile Adoption
Step 0: Value Stream Mapping
Step 1: Create Leadership Cross Functional Scrum Teams
Step 2: Create a Vision Backlog
Step 3: Segregate projects
Step 4. Build Lean Startup Teams?
Step 5: Think of SAFe?
Step 6: Build Scrum Teams?
Step 7: Build Kanban Teams?
Step 8: Celebrate success
Step 9: Value Stream Mapping and go Lean


Agile Adoption in S/W Enterprise - a framework to work with


90 mins

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Inputs for the presentation are from practical exposure of the author, his peers, documented practices of Agile Methodologies, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)


Enterprise Agile
Agile Adoption


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