Agile Goa 2013


Title: How Do We Learn? - Aren't You Curious?


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Chief Architect


How do we learn? This is one of the seemingly most simple but important question you and your team members need to ask yourself and think through. We are professionals. Obviously we know why we learn and what to learn. However, many of us seldom think enough about how we learn.

What happens when under graduates or post graduates enter IT industry and join Agile teams? What should one expect? Team members in Agile teams are busy delivering working software iteration after iteration. Do they get adequate time and opportunities to learn? Are they too busy delivering working software? Do they find it hard to ensure work-life balance? Do they feel that they learned nothing much at the end of their project?

The objective of this session is to find answer to these questions.

This session will focus on

a) Why do we learn
b) What do we need to learn
c) How do we learn

This session will also include 3 short videos (6 to 10 minutes each).


Agile, Learning, Team Learning, Transformation


90 mins

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My recommendation to do this as a key note session. This session is to serve the needs of partcipants we see in Agile Goa.


Culture, People and Teams
Leadership and Org Transformation


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