Agile Goa 2013


Title: Motivators for an Agile team in a non-Agile organization - Is this a reality or just a myth?


Manjunath M V
Agile Manager
GE Healthcare


Large organizations adopting Agile seem to start with force fitting of the popular practices. However, this creates a conflict in terms of their existing culture of recognizing individual heroism versus Agile culture's team based heroism!

So, some key questions that are faced by organizations are:
1. Is yearly appraisal system relevant at all for an Agile org?
2. Is 360 degree feedback necessary to be part of the org appraisal system?
3. Should there be an individual level appraisal system at all?
4. Would carrot and stick model of appraisal system relevant for an Agile team? If yes, what are the 'right carrots' and 'right sticks'?

In this session, we shall review some of the recommendations from Daniel Pink's must-read book Drive and our experimentation of the key takeaways as applied to our own teams.

Hopefully, after this session, you will have few simple motivators for your Agile teams too that work like a magic!


Team motivators, rewards, incentives, Drive


60 mins

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This session will be a part talk, part experience report. Hence I have chosen the Session Type as Others.


Culture, People and Teams
Leadership and Org Transformation
Agile Adoption


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