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Title: Making sense of the Customer Development Model


Tathagat VarmaTwitter Id
VP, Strategic Process Initiatives
[24]7 Innovation Labs


In the words of Steve Blank, Business Model Design + Customer Development + Agile Development is the process that startups use to search for a business model, and it is called as Lean Startup.

Startups are not simply a smaller version of large companies, but must work in an environment of extreme uncertainty to create ways to quickly validate their hypothesis about innovative new-to-the-world ideas and refine their subsequent efforts. Traditionally, such efforts often need large investments upfront and were often carried out in the so-called 'stealth' mode, making it practically impossible to validate key assumptions or to get early customer feedback, among other things. However, newer thinking in new product development, inspired by lean and agile development and ably supported by newer computing paradigms and tools that support rapid prototyping, iteration, measurement and feedback mechanisms enable a startup to develop key hypothesis and quickly acquire 'validated learning'.

In this session, we will understand the key pillar of Customer Development based on the seminal work by Steve Blank, and how does one go about the four phase of the model from Customer Discovery to Customer Validation, Customer Creation and eventually Company Building.

Best thing about Customer Development model and the entire Lean Startup thinking is that it applies to all types of companies and not just startups.

The key takeaways from this session are

- Understand the Lean Startup model and its three pillars
- Deep-dive into Customer Development Model and understand its nuances
- Look at a few case studies


Customer Development, Lean Startup, Product Development, New to the World


60 mins

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Agile Development Practices
Agile Product Management
Lean Principles and Practices


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