Agile Goa 2013

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1Build - Measure - Learn : Without spending a fortuneNikhil Joshi
2Agile Architecture and DesignPradyumn Sharma
3Productivity of an Agile Developer – from a Messy to a Happy Developer ☺Akshat Paul, Abhishek Nalwaya
411 Japanese lingo from TPS that can potentially land you a (fresher) job in Software Development.Nitin Ramrakhyani
5Becoming Agile the right way - A case studyVinay Krishna
6Scrum+ - Is it ScrumBut or ScrumAndVinay Krishna
79 Practices to minimize Technical DebtVinay Krishna
8Agile for individual and project successAnay Kamat
9POSTMORTEM Questionnaire to detect Murder Of AGILE :|Karan Nangru, Nidhi Arora
10Should you chuck out the Product Owner !?!Karan Nangru, Nidhi Arora
11Master the “How” not just “What & “Why” in agile worldAnirudh Bhatnagar, Priyanka Hasija
12TDD in PracticeSrinivasa GV
139 Steps to Agile Adoption – a ProposalNaveen Indusekhar
14How to Deal with Emergencies in Agile TeamAvienaash Shiralige
15How Do We Learn? - Aren't You Curious?Raja Bavani
16Confessions of a Silent Product Owner : Lessons in balanced communicationNiraj Bhandari
17Why would agile fail for youAnirudh Bhatnagar, Priyanka Hasija
18My Experience in Agile TestingPriyanka Hasija
19Agile Product Development - Are we missing "soul" of the productNiraj Bhandari
20DevOps DeMystifiedAnirudh Bhatnagar
21Hands on BDD with CucumberSonik Chopra
22Motivators for an Agile team in a non-Agile organization - Is this a reality or just a myth?Manjunath M V
23Agile Adoption: A case studyVineesh S
24Survive in agility islandsRicha Kalra
25The new blackJoe Zachariah
26Connecting the dots for better resultsVineesh U S
27Why so serious? A Bollywood tale of an Agile teamJoe Zachariah
28"Design Thinking" - Create Innovative Right ProductsManik Choudhary
29Methodologies, Standards, Maturity Models, and Project SuccessRaja Bavani
30Making sense of the Customer Development ModelTathagat Varma
31Requirement’s Engineering Via User Story MappingManik Choudhary
32Kanban for offshore IT environmentMayuresh Wakade
33Horses for courses - How Agile is used in Technology Service and Product CompaniesDebashis Banerjee, Sangeeta Panicker


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